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Savage Power Inc. provides innovative products and services for the UPS battery industry. For nearly a decade, we have provided our customers with quality batteries and impeccable service. We always look at the products and services that we provide from our customers point of view, so that we can provide the most cost effective, highest reliability battery solution in the industry.

Our goal is to provide the highest peace of mind to all our customers. We work to exceed our customer's expectations and to satisfy their needs in a manner that consistently produces the highest level of service in the industry. Therefore, we are proud to announce our 5 year 100% warranty on all batteries we provide and monitor with our Assessor 24/7 monitoring system for all UPS applications.

Reliability meets affordability: the Assessor 24/7 Monitoring and Warranty Program insures the performance and the cost over the lifetime of your batteries.

"I believe the Assessor 24X7 is a superior appliance for anyone who utilizes a UPS. This is my first year using this product, and it has already paid for itself by providing both the knowledge and confidence that our UPS batteries are in working condition in the event of an electrical outage. I strongly recommend this product".

Frank Markesi
Director of Corporate Security
SITEL Corporation